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9/3 - Craft & Barrel
9/4 -  Red Horse Inn (Rando Trio)
9/10 - 3 Friends Bar & Grill (Rando IV)
9/11 - Smiley's Acoustic Cafe (Easley)
9/16 - Red Horse Inn (Rando Trio)
9/17 - Smiley's Acoustic Cafe (Greenville)
9/18 - TrailBlazer Park
9/28 - Five Forks Brewing (Rando Duo)
10/1 - Warehouse at Vaughn's
10/2 - Red Horse Inn (Rando Trio)
10/8 - 3 Friends Bar & Grill (Rando IV)
10/9 - Rotties Biergarten (Woodruff - Rando IV)
10/15 - Craft & Barrel
10/16 - Red Horse Inn (Rando Trio)
10/21 - Sonny's Grill (Rando Duo)
10/28 - Gather GVL - (Rando Duo)
10/29 - Eastside Bar & Grill (Neon Arcadia)


subject to change due to current circumstances

Randomonium is the perfect kind of strange- a mystical cocktail of wondrously varied songs from all decades and genres, enhanced by the addition of some exotic/ exotically prosaic instruments, and presented with love, humour and a touch of cheek. We love playing music for real music lovers, and are grateful to our fans, friends and families for their amazing support!

From a recent review:  A truly talented group who knows how to share a good time. Each individual is a stand-out musician yet shows great respect for each other. Their repertoire spans decades, and can turn on a dime. There is a reason Randomonium was voted 2018 (2019?) #1 Greenville band. If you're going to see one live band this year, this is the one!

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