Heidi Chapman - Lead Vocals/Keytar/Kazoo/Recorder/Bass
Sean Chapman - Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Charlie McCoy, Jr. - Bass/Keyboard/Guitar/Background Vocals
Jason Wolfe - Lead Guitar/Bass/Keyboard
John Bellino - Drums/Percussion

Heidi Chapman

Heidi Wersinger Chapman has always been a bossy chick with a flair for entertainment. As a preteen growing up in Clermont-Ferrand, France and London, England, she taught herself 6 or 7 guitar chords, then wrote/co-wrote and performed songs in three European song competitions, and actually won one of them! That was a long time ago, though. Upon moving to the United States in 1996, Heidi began singing in choirs and taking voice lessons, but her ultimate interest was in rock music. In college at Furman University, she began as a voice major, but eventually decided that a classical music career was not for her. She sang in a couple of bands during and after college, including a classic rock band that specialized in Led Zeppelin covers. In 2005, she met lead singer/rhythm guitarist Sean Chapman, her husband, but it took several years for them to come up with the concept of Randomonium.
In 2015, the Chapmans approached their long time family friend Atticus Killough to join them in their musical venture. They performed in a few open mic nights, then secured a gig at the Stomping Grounds in Greer, SC. They continued to play smaller gigs in similar venues, briefly joined by some friends from church on bass and drums before inviting Brandon Blaso, Sean's former student, to join them on drums in January of 2016. 
In October of 2016, they were approached by bassist/vocalist Charlie McCoy Jr, who shared their musical vision and expressed interest in helping them out. After playing a few gigs as a 5 piece, Charlie agreed to remain in the band as official bass player, and here we stand, on the edge of greatness....Light is a clean and stylish font favored by designers. It's easy on the eyes and a great go to font for titles, paragraphs & more.

Sean Chapman

Sean Chapman's passion for music first manifested itself in his early childhood as a simple love for popular music, which was ultimately fostered by the fact that there was always some music playing around the house or in the car. As one early friend put it, "You always have a song to sing for everything". During high school and college, this love of music (as well as lyrics) expressed itself in a widening interest in all types of music, not to mention a burgeoning interest in writing and creating his own music. Eventually this passion came to full flower when he and a high school friend founded the band Epis Hum. During their 20s, both founding members worked on and produced several albums of original music. In his 30s Sean met (and married) Heidi Chapman. In fact, Heidi is featured on several tracks produced by Epis Hum (they can still be found on iTunes). However, eventually Heidi and Sean started their own project together, along with fellow Randomonium founding member Atticus Killough, in a bid to go in a different direction. "In essence", suggests Chapman, "this is more or less a return to my original love and passion for any and all kinds of music from my childhood. Whether it was Buddy Holly playing in my dad's car, a Bon Jovi concert in 6th grade, or the Nirvana we listened to in high school, it's all on the table. The Randomonium experience is meant to recall everybody to those times when what was coming on the radio next felt more like serendipity than a predictable bore, hence the name.  "And so who would have imagined back then", quips Chapman, "that all those memorized lyrics would actually serve an important purpose after all!"

Charlie McCoy, Jr.

Charlie is the son of 2009 Country Music Hall of Fame member Charlie McCoy. Growing up in Nashville, he had many musical influences.  Most weekends growing up he would be watching American Bandstand and Soul Train. Charlie was influenced by all types of music. He was given his first guitar at the age of 11 and began learning to play. During his time in school he started out playing saxophone and also took piano lessons. He started playing bass guitar for his church youth choir while in Junior High school. His first band was a few friends from church where he played acoustic guitar and sang lead vocals. He then went on to play bass and lead guitar for his high school jazz band. Upon going to college he formed another short lived band that played contemporary Christian music, in which he played lead guitar and sang vocals. After college, he joined the church band and played bass and guitar for several large productions. After moving to Greenville, SC in the late 1990s following a job, he joined his church worship band playing guitar, bass and singing vocals. In 2005 he started leading the church worship band at St. Matthew UMC church. In 2015 he got the opportunity to record a few songs with legendary musicians: Brent Mason, Wayne Moss and Charlie McCoy. After meeting Sean and Heidi Chapman through his children’s school, he offered to sit in and play bass for Randomonium and the rest is history. Musical influences: Jackson 5, Styx, Huey Lewis, Steven Curtis Chapman, Petra, Manhattan Transfer, Chicago, Earth Wind and Fire, and many more.

Jason Wolfe

Born in Hong Kong and raised in SC, Jason Wolfe has been playing music for as long as he can remember. It’s a lifestyle for him- and he wouldn’t trade it for anything.  He started with guitar so it will always have his heart, but nowadays he plays anything he can get his hands on- and in true Rando fashion, he plays every genre of music the mind can conceive. Jason’s passion is being on the stage playing for YOU- so he is a natural fit for our amazing (ans honestly, kind of weird in a good way) project.

John Bellino

John Bellino - Human Metronome.